Demand respect or expect defeat

To provide elite level football combines that help build a student-athlete, sharpen skills athletically and academically, while instilling character, teamwork, respect for each other, and respect for oneself. To enhance a student's commitment to responsibility, family values, and education, while promoting and training the athlete to advance to the collegiate level. This program is successful with the help of our mentors, coaching staff, family, and community support.

Our purpose is to create high school combines for student-athletes in our community to participate in, regardless of their financial limitations, and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to advance to collegiate level.

All American Football Combines history to date 
7 Years in existence
Successfully completed 9 youth training camps - ages 6-14 (Middle School).
Successfully completed 4 high school football combines.
Increased 550% in attendance.
Increased 400% In NFL Player, Semi
Pro & Collegiate Athlete participation.
3,000+ Kids have been taught and instructed on proper form to prevent injury and become more efficient from elite mentors.
James Silvas- Coaching over 20+ years with youth, high school, and professional athletes.
2010 - National Youth Sports Coach of the Year.
2011 - National Youth Sports Coach of the Year.
6 Youth Football Championships.
High School Championship.
9 Successful Kid Training Camps with former NFL Athletes.
4 Successful High School Football Combine.
Over 20 years of experience mentoring athletes both in life and in sports.

Thank you for your time and attention to aayfl.net. I am James Silvas, Founder and President of All American Youth Football League and All American Football Camps & Combines (AAFC), a subsidiary of AAYFL, a Non-Profit 501 c (3) organization, EIN #45-5621696, in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 2012. I have coached in the Las Vegas valley since 1995 and during that time I've coached youth, high school and semi pro football. In my 23 years of experience, I have seen so many children grow up in poverty and not have the opportunity nor the support to make it through high school or even consider going to college. That is why I created AAFC, to host free camps and combines for all elementary and high school athletes from all demographics. My intention is to do all that I can to help the children in our community succeed and keep the spirit of football alive and thriving, which will help us live our motto "Kids to College".

Our mission is to help children strive to become a great student-athlete. AAFC has former NFL/College athletes participate and provide elite football training, conditioning, education, and instruction on safety. We aim to sharpen the athletes' skills and knowledge and instill in them character, teamwork, respect for oneself and one another. We encourage the athletes to have a positive belief system and mindset and to commit to responsibility and values, both on and off the field. We educate on the benefits of being drug free, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, continuing an exercise and weight training regimen, and do their absolute best on maintaining excellent grades.

Our free events allow children to have a day full of fun, education and inspiration. The children are given a free lunch, t-shirts, medals and special awards. The high school kids are tested on skill, agility, speed, strength and ability, (a NCAA formatted combine). We have professional speakers, who speak about various topics that will help kids on and off the field. We welcome coaches from any and all universities and colleges to scout the athletes from our website.

I believe no child should be left behind. In doing so, we seek and welcome sponsors and/or donors to help us in providing the necessary equipment, supplies and volunteers to conduct these successful events. We welcome the members in our community to give their time, talent and resources and to promote AAFC.

I ask for your involvement with AAFC. We would appreciate your partnership and/or volunteerism, as well as any sponsorship or donations. Any source of support or acknowledgement will be greatly appreciated. It is our hope that your organization will consider helping AAYFL in making a powerful impact on our children.

Combine Outline


Combine Outline Football training combine July 16, 2016:
• Projecting 500 high school football athletes.
• Testing in 40 yd dash, bench press, shuttle, agility drills, l-cone, and broad/high jump.
• Current/past NFL athletes coaching and teaching form and technique to increase skill level.
• Instill values of respect, honesty, work ethic, and motivation.
• Educate on the importance of dieting and correct technique for strength training, speed & agility.



To obtain community support in raising the necessary funds for the benefit of the children of our city. Through your assistance we can provide elite level football combines that help build character, respect, commitment, and responsibility. These qualities help prepare students athletically and academically, for advancement to the collegiate level.

Early Years

Please consider making a donation. Through your support, many children can continue to be a part of a great program. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated..



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