Mission Statement

To provide elite level football combines that help build a student-athlete, sharpen skills athletically and academically, while instilling character, teamwork, respect for each other, and respect for oneself.  To enhance a student's commitment to responsibility, family values, and education, while promoting and training the athlete to advance to the collegiate level.  This program is successful with the help of our mentors, coaching staff, family, and community support.

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate individuals and coaches that care about our future leaders.  We are dedicated to providing student-athletes with positive mentorship and leadership along with providing the necessary training and resources that they need to be successful.

What We Believe

We believe every student should have an opportunity to attend college.  Football is the vehicle we use to encourage athletes to strive to that level.  We believe our combines provide the necessary training and guidance to empower students to believe in their ability and potential. 

All American Football Combines history to date: 3 Years in existence
- Successfully completed 5 youth training camps- ages 6-14 (Middle School).
- Successfully completed 1 high school football combine.
- Increased 550% in attendance.
- Increased 400% In NFL Player, Semi-Pro & Collegiate Athlete participation.
- 2,000+ Kids have been taught and instructed on proper form to prevent injury and become more
efficient from elite mentors.
James Silvas- Coaching over 17+ years with youth, high school, and professional athletes.
- 2010 - National Youth Sports Coach of the Year.
- 2011 - National Youth Sports Coach of the Year.
- 6 Youth Football Championships.
- High School Championship.
- 5 Successful Kid Training Camps with former NFL Athletes.
-Successful High School Football Combine.
- Over 17 years of experience mentoring athletes both in life and in sports.
Troy Shepherd- Partner
- Professional Minor League Athlete.
- Continuous years of involvement in mentor and volunteer programs pertaining to the Las Vegas youth.
- Coaches and recruits for All American Football.

team getting pumped up


Our purpose is to create high school combines for student-athletes in our community to participate in, regardless of their financial limitations, and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to advance to collegiate level.

Combine Outline
Football training combine July16, 2016:
Projecting 500 high school football athletes.
Testing in 40 yd dash, bench press, shuttle, agility drills, l-cone, and broad/high jump.
Current/past NFL athletes coaching and teaching form and technique to increase skill level.
Instill values of respect, honesty, work ethic, and motivation.
Educate on the importance of dieting and correct technique for strength training, speed & agility.


To obtain community support in raising the necessary funds for the benefit of the children of our city.  Through your assistance we can provide elite level football combines that help build character, respect, commitment, and responsibility.  These qualities help prepare students athletically and academically, for advancement to the collegiate level.  

Please consider making a donation.  Through your support, many children can continue to be a part of a great program. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.


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